Water Wake-Up Call

Climate change is leading to a catastrophic water crisis that threatens the lives and future of millions worldwide.

Sound the alarm

Girls and women carry the burden

The water crisis hits women and girls in Africa and Asia the hardest. They did not cause the climate crisis, but they are now facing the consequences. Millions of women and girls, who provide safe drinking water for their families, are forced to walk further and further for safe drinking water. Because of this, they are more likely to miss school, have no time to work, and they increasingly face violence. But while they carry the burden, they are overlooked in decision-making, in which they can make a real difference.

Flooding, draught and changing weather have great impact on the access to water in Kenya and Bangladesh.

Our government must commit to supporting women and girls in this water crisis. They deserve our full attention!

What do we want?

Already 3.5 billion people are highly vulnerable to climate impacts and half of the world's population faces severe water shortages at some point every year. They are the reason we must demand action now. The Water Wake-Up Call demands firm commitments from the Dutch government. We want commitment, cooperation and fulfilled promises:

  • Water crisis as a focal point
    In our climate policy, the water crisis must become one of the main issues to address.
  • The power of local communities
    Our climate policy does not sufficiently focus on local communities in Africa and Asia. We need to learn from their solutions and provide them with a platform and our support to create sustainable change.
  • Keeping financial promises
    Those responsible for the climate crisis must face its consequences. The Netherlands has to provide their fair share of 1.56 billion euros to climate finance and they have to double their climate adaptation funding to help those in need.

Why do we need your signature?

The coming months are crucial for a renewed direction in our climate approach and the water crisis. Especially since there will be a climate summit in Egypt November 2022 and, in March 2023, the Netherlands will host the UN water conference. This means that the Netherlands has an exemplary role to play, but we still do not have sufficient climate funding ourselves.

Together with you and thousands of other supporters, we are increasing our pressure on Prime Minister Rutte and our Dutch delegation. We are emphasizing that we need to get our own affairs in order quickly to be a worthy water ambassador at these important climate summits.

You can sign the petition until November. The more people who join, the more powerful our voice becomes to demand change in addressing the water crisis. Join us in taking action!

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Who are we?

The Water Wake-Up Call is a global collaboration of dozens of organizations, initiated by Simavi. Simavi is committed to health and equality in several countries in Africa and Asia since 1925. We do this with special attention to water and sanitation, women's equality, and local solutions. Read more about our work on the website of Simavi

Help and contribute to solutions for the water crisis.